The Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) credential is the recognized standard of excellence for broker education in Canada, and is a fundamental element of our licensing system in Saskatchewan. The credential is earned by successfully completing the examinations of all four CAIB modules.

Forty-five CAIB graduates were honoured at a special breakfast hosted on October 14, as part of the 2022 IBAS Convention & AGM:

  • Hayden Adelman Livermore, Al Hattie Insurance
  • Alyssa Bauml, Lakeview Insurance Brokers
  • Danielle Beckstead, Fillmore Agencies
  • Derek Behrman, Blythman Agencies
  • Karen Bye, Western Financial Group
  • Shyla Campbell, Westland Insurance
  • Jeannine Chuckvar, Western Financial Group
  • Ashley Clark, HUB International
  • Rochelle Coolidge, Beaton Agencies
  • Stephanie Dirkson, Prairie Rose Insurance
  • Andrea Dunn, Andrew Agencies
  • Kendrick Dusyk, Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers
  • Whitney Ebinger, Lakeview Insurance Brokers
  • Jessica Flaman, Harvard Western Insurance
  • Ashley Galger, Andrew Agencies
  • Danielle Graham, Lakeview Insurance Brokers
  • Margriet Groenewald, Andrew Agencies
  • Shelby Harrington, W.W. Smith Insurance
  • Shaylene Hart, Cherry Insurance
  • Kelsey Hillier, Harvard Western Insurance
  • Jessica Jack, Andrew Agencies
  • Brittany Kashuba, Green Teal Insurance Brokers
  • Tim Kealy, Knight Archer Insurance
  • Kayla Kraft, Tait Insurance Group
  • Kryzsztof Krechowiecki, Advantage Insurance Brokers
  • Nicole Kusyk, J & P Agencies
  • Cole Labbee, Big Sky Agencies
  • LeeAnna Lang, Harvard Western Insurance
  • Candance Lange, Knight Archer Insurance
  • Brian Mack, Henderson Insurance
  • Jordan Morlock, Bora Insurance Brokers
  • Chloe Murray, Insurance Matters
  • Hillary Nagy, St. Brieux Agencies
  • Taylor Nixon, HUB International
  • Cristine Orlowski, Lakeview Insurance Brokers
  • Karen Paul, Westland Insurance
  • Vicki Penney, Western Financial Group
  • Jennifer Reynar, HUB International
  • Katrina Rocha, Manor Agencies
  • Twila Senger, Proven Insurance
  • Kristen Sinclair, Shortt Insurance Brokers
  • Nicole Sinclair, Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan
  • Janet Thorstenen, Long Lake Insurance
  • Cindy Tough, Prairie Insurance
  • Savannah Trembecky, HUB International

Thank You

A special thank you to our CAIB programming sponsor: