Recent Policy Submissions

Below you will find, in descending chronological order, a list of letters, reports, and other publications IBAS has issued on its members' behalf to advance key policy priorities during the year. For submissions prior to 2020, please e-mail


Best Terms Pricing

December 11, 2020  |  Briefing Note

Over the past few weeks, IBAS has fielded several inquiries related to best terms pricing. After consultations with major carriers throughout Saskatchewan, this briefing note was prepared to respond to frequently asked questions, and has been subsequently shared with both regulatory and elected officials, including cabinet ministers. 


Open Letter to the People of Saskatchewan

November 13, 2020  |  Letter

As Chair of the Saskatchewan Business Council, IBAS President & CEO Derek Lothian joined senior leaders for 33 other industry associations, chambers of commerce, and economic development groups to issue an open letter around next steps in the fight against COVID-19, and calling on all Saskatchewan residents to follow public health guidelines.


Priority Insurance Issues for Saskatchewan Consumers

November 10, 2020  |  Letter

This letter, sent to newly re-elected Premier Scott Moe and four of his cabinet colleagues, outlined three consumer-centric priorities IBAS feels should remain atop the government's agenda in the coming weeks and months. It also underscored how crucial insurance brokers are to the social and economic fabric of Saskatchewan.


Insurance Relief Efforts in Saskatchewan During COVID-19

May 4, 2020  |  Letter

Submitted in conjunction with the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), this letter — sent to Premier Scott Moe — outlined relief efforts the insurance community has undertaken amid the COVID-19 crisis. While the communication focused primarily on commercial insurance relief, it also touched on the philanthropic contributions of both IBAS and IBC. 


Proposal for Statutory Liability Immunity for Essential Services & Products

April 29, 2020  |  Letter

This joint letter, tabled by IBAS and the Insurance Bureau of Canada, calls on the Government of Saskatchewan to establish statutory protection against civil liability for businesses that have transitioned during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide countermeasure products and services in response to the prevailing public health threat.


Follow-Up on SGI Advertising Rules

April 22, 2020  |  Letter

IBAS continues to field a growing volume of concerns directly from consumers regarding online SGI renewal processes — particularly, situations whereby consumers have inadvertently switched their issuer of record. This letter, sent to SGI leadership, reiterates those concerns and sets out four recommendations for immediate consideration.


COVID-19 & The Essential Role of the Insurance Supply Chain

March 24, 2020  |  Letter

IBAS and the Insurance Bureau of Canada submitted a joint letter to Premier Scott Moe and several of his cabinet colleagues to underscore the essential role that the P&C insurance industry plays in protecting consumers, enabling the flow of commerce, and reinforcing the resiliency of communities amidst the COVID-19 crisis.


2020 Insurance Broker Day at the Legislature

March 3, 2020  |  Briefing Note

This annual 'lobby day' culminates in a full day of meetings between the IBAS board and senior elected officials within the provincial government. This year, IBAS focused on three strategic priorities related to overland flood risk, the continued stability of Saskatchewan's auto regime, and the hardened insurance market.