Saskatchewan Business Council


In January 2019, IBAS was one of the core founding members to formally launch the Saskatchewan Business Council — a coalition comprised of 20 provincial industry associations and business support groups that have come together to speak with one voice on policy priorities of common interest.

The council identified four priority focuses for the 2019 calendar year:

  1. Ensure business has meaningful input into the development of Saskatchewan’s new growth plan: Government officials have been hard at work on this in recent months. IBAS has contributed its own submission through this process; however, it has also participated with the council at-large in discussions, including in meetings with Hon. Donna Harpauer, Minister of Finance.

  2. Identify next steps to shape Saskatchewan’s workforce development strategy: The council has focused in on the need to bridge the gap in available labour market data as the linchpin to this priority.

  3. Speak with ‘one voice’ on common federal issues: Council representatives participated in Senate consultations earlier this year, as well as consultations with the federal Employment Insurance (EI) Commissioner for Employers. It is also exploring the possibility of hosting a second-ever Saskatchewan Day on Parliament Hill — the first occurred in 2016 through an ad-hoc iteration of this council — in 2020.

  4. Explore the economic impact of PST on construction services: The council has contracted Regina-based Praxis Consulting to lead this analysis. As with the P&C insurance industry, construction services previously enjoyed a PST exemption that has since been removed. That has had a direct impact on insurance premiums due to the elevated cost of claims where construction remediation is required.