Board of Directors

Sarah Johnston

President & CEO
Johnston Insurance Services

Scott Frizzell

Vice Chair
Managing Partner
Long Lake Insurance

Sarah Edwards

Bora Insurance Brokers

Arynne Miller

St. Brieux Agencies &
Middle Lake Agencies

Danah White

Executive Vice President, Retail – West
Knight Archer Insurance

Don Thompson

Chief Operating Officer
Westland Insurance

Jason Galon

Chief Operating Officer – Prairies
HUB International

Morgan Kolababa

Vice President, Commercial Lines
HK Henderson Insurance

Regan Martens

Proven Insurance



The IBAS board of directors also has two standing observer positions — one for Saskatchewan's elected representative to the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) board of directors, and one for the chair of the IBAS Emerging Brokers Council (EBC). The following individuals serve as observers in a non-voting capacity:

Jaycee Turtle, Partner & Branch Manager, Lakeview Insurance (IBAC Director)

Kendrick Dusyk, Broker, Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers (EBC Chair)