Broker Website Program

The IBAS Broker Website Program provides website services to dozens of member brokerages across the province. In 2018-19, IBAS partnered with Nrichmedia to introduce new templates to update existing broker websites. The new templates provide a far better user experience with a significant visual overhaul, and include ‘responsive design’ functionality to ensure they are optimally displayed on mobile devices.


This program addresses the need for brokers to gain quick and easy access to a low-cost web presence that meets the requirements of SGI Auto Fund’s and SGI CANADA's online services. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Affordable, functional alternative to a professionally customized website;
  • An individual URL and web presence;
  • Gives you total control over your content;
  • Allows your customers to perform Auto Fund transactions online;
  • 24-hour, maintenance-free service on a professionally managed and secure web server; and
  • Technical support with a quick response rate.

For more information, please contact