CAIB Program

Increase your business competence, confidence, and credibility as an insurance professional with the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) program.

To establish yourself as a trusted insurance advisor, you must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of property and casualty insurance. Throughout the CAIB curriculum, you will immerse yourself in the study of personal lines, commercial lines, and brokerage management.

Each course in this four-course program culminates in an online exam. Upon successful completion of the four exam, eligible candidates are awarded the nationally recognized professional CAIB designation. Graduates of non-member brokerages who complete the CAIB program receive a certificate of completion, but are ineligible to use the CAIB designation unless that individual becomes a member of IBAS.

Click here to better understand how CAIB fits into Saskatchewan's insurance licensing framework.

Course Outline


CAIB 1 focuses primarily on general insurance. Students gain and demonstrate a practical understanding of habitational coverages, as well as insurance related to personal liability, farming, personal auto, and travel. This course also emphasizes professionalism and exceptional customer service.


CAIB 2 introduces students to the world of commercial insurance, capturing the ins and outs of commercial property coverages, crime insurance, and business interruption products.


CAIB 3 rounds out students' comprehensive knowledge of commercial coverages. It delves into risk management principles (including exposure identification), the Canadian legal system as it pertains to general liability, and other types of specialty commercial products, from marine and aviation insurance to commercial auto and surety bonds.


CAIB 4 prepares students to take on a leadership role in supervising or managing brokerage functions. Topics include the principles of management, organization, broker-carrier relations, technology, and human resources.

Study Options


Students can register and purchase textbooks for self-study at any time. All CAIB students have access to online tutorials ($49 each for members, $99 for non-members, plus tax), which contain downloadable resources and presentations, videos, and progress quizzes. Once the tutorial has been activated, the student has 12 weeks of unlimited access.

CAIB Immersion Course

The most popular method of study is the online CAIB Immersion program. Led by industry-best facilitators, this week-long course (per each of the four CAIB modules) is a truly comprehensive experience, where students have the opportunity to directly engage in the concepts being discussed. This hands-on method of learning prepares students to successfully write the exam at the end of the course.

Flex Preparation Course

IBAS, in partnership with Ensure Training, offers the Four-Month Flex Preparation Course, which provides unlimited online access to facilitator support (via e-mail), recorded classes, practice exams, and additional resources for up to four consecutive months from the date of registration to help prepare you for your chosen CAIB exam.

Course Costs

Costs are per CAIB module. All courses and materials are subject to GST.

Study Materials $240 ($440 for non-members)
Exam $450
Online Flex Course $350 
Immersion Course Fees, CAIB 1-3 $450 ($750 for Non-Members)
Immersion Course Fees, CAIB 4 $600 ($950 for Non-Members)

Course & Exam Registration Process

  • Step 1: Register for the course you want from the below listing.
  • Step 2: Once you have registered, it will appear in your IBAS account under My Courses.
  • Step 3: On the My Courses page, you will be able to register and pay for the corresponding exam.

Course Listings

Upcoming Courses
Date Course
Available Now CAIB - Online 4 Month Flex Preparation Course - CAIB 1
Available Now CAIB - Online 4 Month Flex Preparation Course - CAIB 2
Available Now CAIB - Online 4 Month Flex Preparation Course - CAIB 3
Available Now CAIB - Online 4 Month Flex Preparation Course - CAIB 4
Available Now Self-Study - CAIB 1
Available Now Self-Study - CAIB 2
Available Now Self-Study - CAIB 3
Available Now Self-Study - CAIB 4
Sep 9, 2024 CAIB 1 Immersion (e-Delivery via Zoom)
Nov 25, 2024 CAIB 2 Immersion (e-Delivery via Zoom)
Jan 13, 2025 CAIB 3 Immersion (e-Delivery via Zoom)
Mar 17, 2025 CAIB 4 Immersion (e-Delivery via Zoom)
Apr 28, 2025 CAIB 1 Immersion (e-Delivery via Zoom)

Exam Format

The CAIB 1, 2, and 3 exams consist of 12 definition questions, 10 multiple choice questions, and 26 short answer questions. The CAIB 4 exam, meanwhile, consists of 18-20 short and long answer questions. The pass mark required for each examination is 60%.

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