IBAS 2023-26 Strategic Plan

Dubbed IBAS 4.0, the 2023-26 Strategic Plan establishes the vision what the association will prioritize, how it will operate, and how it will deliver maximum value for its members. This plan was approved by the IBAS board of directors to take effect on August 1, 2023, and will remain in-force until July 31, 2026. Click here to read the full document.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Nurture the strongest P&C insurance brokerages in Canada.

Our Vision

A thriving, engaged community of trusted, Saskatchewan-based P&C insurance brokerages, delivering the best available advice and customer experience.

Our Core Values

Progress through partnerships

We have a bias toward collaboration and believe in the power of an informed, collective voice.

Make everything an '11'

We go the extra mile to consistently deliver first-class experiences for members, partners, and staff.

Relentlessly pursue improvement

We embrace change and strive each day to strengthen our members, their communities, the insurance industry, and ourselves.

Service with accountability

We understand that members are our owners, and we have a responsibility to return meaningful investment value.

Strategic Imperatives

Strategic imperatives are the ‘guideposts’ that provide high-level structure and direction to articulate how the identified priorities, goals, tactics, and outcomes in the IBAS 2023-26 Strategic Plan correlate to the association’s ability to advance its mission and vision effectively and sustainably.

  • Two ‘eyes,’ one focus: Unique but integrated value propositions for both small and large members.
  • Make the bold decisions: Prioritize near-term action with long-term benefits.
  • Do less, better: Concentrate resources on priorities that deliver maximum value for the membership.
  • Lean in: Build organizational resilience by eliminating waste while adding value for members.

External Service Priorities

Influence the decisions that impact members

We are a proactive and respected advocate to governments, regulatory authorities, insurance carriers, and other industry stakeholders on the issues that matter most to members.

  • Fully implement the provisions and overall spirit of the IBAS-SGI Auto Fund Strategic Accord.
  • Improve the predictability, accountability, and fairness of Saskatchewan’s insurance regulatory environment.
  • Solidify IBAS’s position as Saskatchewan’s most trusted P&C insurance expert to provincial cabinet ministers, MLAs, and key insurance company executives.
  • Ensure national policy decisions reflect the unique perspectives of IBAS members and Saskatchewan P&C insurance consumers.

Elevate the insurance broker profession

We enhance public trust in the role and capabilities of members through best-in-class licensing education and targeted community outreach.

  • Introduce a modernized licensing curriculum, with robust resources, guided self-study options, accessible immersion courses, and simplified exam processes.
  • Build bridges between the general public and the insurance industry to increase visibility to and participation in brokerage careers.
  • Spark pride in the insurance broker profession by recognizing member achievements and by engaging members in targeted philanthropic initiatives to empower Saskatchewan communities.

Connect members and industry partners 

We deliver top-quality networking and peer mentorship opportunities, while building strategic partnerships to facilitate member growth.

  • Be the catalyzing hub for members to forge strong working relationships with carriers and brokerage suppliers.
  • Bring members together to share best practices and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Leverage IBAS’s extensive network and knowledge of the marketplace to be the conduit-of-choice for high-value insight and services.