IBAS Issuer Advisory Committee


On July 17, 2020, the IBAS board of directors approved the creation of the new IBAS Issuer Advisory Committee — effective November 1, 2020, through October 31, 2021 — to guide the association’s activities and positions relative to the insurance broker and SGI Auto Fund motor licence issuing relationship. Specifically, this committee has a three-part mandate:

  1. Review and make recommendations to the board and IBAS president and CEO with respect to renegotiating and/or renewing the IBAS/SGI Auto Fund Strategic Accord, which is scheduled to expire on November 1, 2021.

  2. Review and make recommendations to the board and IBAS president and CEO with respect to renegotiating and/or renewing the standard SGI Issuer’s AgreementIssuer’s Website Contract, and Remuneration Agreement.

  3. Support IBAS’s member consultation, advocacy, and stakeholder relations activities to advance the Committee’s mandate as outlined in [#1 and #2].


As per the approved terms of reference, the committee shall be comprised of no fewer than 12 and no more than 14 full committee members, appointed by the IBAS board of directors, and shall include:

  • The IBAS board chair;
  • One additional director from the IBAS board;
  • The advocacy liaison appointed by the IBAS Emerging Brokers Council;
  • At least one representative from a member brokerage located in each of the following: the City of Regina, the City of Saskatoon, and a Saskatchewan city other than Regina or Saskatoon;
  • At least three representatives from member brokerages located in a Saskatchewan town, village, or hamlet; and
  • At least one representative from a single-branch IBAS member brokerage.

The IBAS board chair will serve as co-chair of the committee, along with one representative to be elected by committee members at the first official committee meeting. The board reserves the right to appoint no more than three standing, non-voting advisors to serve as subject matter experts (may be external to IBAS or representatives from IBAS member brokerages).

Committee Members

  • Dave Pettigrew, Harvard Western Insurance (Co-Chair)
  • Tracy Archer, Knight Archer Insurance Brokers (Co-Chair)
  • Brock Longworth, Cornerstone Insurance
  • Clint Smith, Andrew Agencies
  • Jason Galon, Galon Insurance Brokers
  • Jessica Williams, HAL Insurance
  • Jon Struthers, Ogema Agencies
  • Justin Kozakevich, Trustmark Insurance Brokers
  • Lyndon Block, Block’s Agencies
  • Robyn Cherry, Cherry Insurance
  • Scott Frizzell, Long Lake Insurance
  • Stephen Barlow, Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers
  • Trina Barber, Carnduff Agencies
  • Barb Gottselig, Harvard Western Insurance (Non-Voting Advisor)
  • Jeff Galon, Galon Mortgage & Insurance Brokers (Non-Voting Advisor)
  • Judy McCuskee, McCuskee Consulting (Non-Voting Advisor)
  • Sheldon Wasylenko, Rayner Agencies (Non-Voting Advisor)

There remains one vacant ‘general’ member representative position the board may fill at a later date.

Decision-Making Process

The following decision-making process was approved for all matters related to the committee and the IBAS-SGI issuer relationship:

  1. At the 2020 AGM, a resolution was sought: That IBAS members support the duly appointed Issuer Advisory Committee to fulfill its mandate as set out in the approved terms of reference (TOR 4.0), and authorize the committee to advance consultations, negotiations, recommendations, research, as well as government relations and public awareness activities on behalf of IBAS members in accordance with that mandate. That resolution was passed unanimously by the IBAS membership.

  2. The committee advances recommendations to the IBAS board of directors. This is done by way of a majority vote of committee members, assuming a quorum is present.

  3. The IBAS board of directors may vote to accept the recommendation, reject the recommendation, or defer a vote and send the issue back to the committee for reconsideration. If approved, the committee may enact the recommendation — through IBAS management — immediately, on behalf of IBAS.

  4. Any changes to or formal renewal of the IBAS/SGI Auto Fund Strategic AccordIssuer’s AgreementIssuer’s Website Contract, or Agreement on Issuer Remuneration must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the general IBAS membership. This may take place at the 2021 AGM, or by another approved means, such as a verified (individually attested) online vote.

For more information, please contact IBAS President & CEO Derek Lothian at (306) 525-4075 or by e-mail at derek.lothian@ibas.ca.