Overland Flooding


Overland flooding occurs when water flows over land — not up from under the ground or due to escape from infrastructure such as plumbing — and seeps into buildings through windows, doors, or cracks. This is most often caused by heavy rainfall, snowmelt runoff, or rising water levels from nearby lakes, rivers, or ponds.

Flooding is one of the most common causes of insured damage in Saskatchewan, costing an average of $54.4 million in losses each year. In fact, according to the most recent available statistics, there are approximately 42,000 residential properties alone at risk of flooding. Of those, three in five have a 22%-or-greater chance of flooding over the span of a 25-year mortgage.

Fortunately, there are more tools than ever before to defend at-risk structures against flooding. Only 37%, though, are properly defended today.

It's time to take action. That's why IBAS,  in partnership with carriers and other public and industry stakeholders, has launched FloodSafe Saskatchewan — a new initiative driven by the common goal of eliminating preventable and uninsured overland water damage through enhanced consumer education.

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